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Yogi’s resolution for the new year? How to persevere in practice in 2020?

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The new year is a time of mobilization: I have to lose weight, I have to fit in these jeans, I must finally take care of myself, start reading more, develop my hobby. As every year at this time. The world encourages and drives us to action. Advertising campaigns are launched on television, including: slimming tablets, calorie absorption (???), men’s yogurt with protein, new running clothes and a whole range of products that will help you achieve your goals in a jiffy. Maybe this year I should start implementing the program “I want” and not “I must”? Maybe this year just feel good? What do you think? Sounds good? I will say more – it sounds great!

Yoga – the best resolution for the new year

And now I will tell you something from my own experience, because I am a yogi. I have been practicing yoga for several years. I’ve always liked movement. Inline skates, bicycles, skates, horse riding, volleyball, swimming and many more. When I was older, I came across yoga classes and I stayed that way until today.

The practice of asanas brought me a lot of joy and challenges. In addition, I began to feel the more subtle effects that the practice brought – enormous humility, calmness and finding something that I could not find for a long time, that is myself.

In addition, I have been a yoga instructor for over a year. It’s amazing to me how people react to practice. I often meet participants of my classes who tell me how wonderful they felt after yoga classes.

As if they had grown up a few centimeters. And that’s what it’s all about. For the joy of doing something for ourselves, that we have the moment of the day that we devote to our own well-being.

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Start with a small challenge

That is why this year I recommend taking up a small yoga challenge. Once I came across a very adequate quote, which I often try to implement, namely: “to run a marathon you must take this first step.” Start with small things – big ones will come on their own and usually at the least expected moment.

You can start with five minutes a day. To be honest, I started it myself. Every day after waking up, I stood on the mat and performed sun greeting sequences. What did this give me? A lot!.

I do not even mention the extended back of the thighs or such “technical” matters, because it is obvious that if we practice, the range of movements will increase and the strength will increase. I mean more about the mind.

These few moments devoted to practice in the morning immediately wakes up my body, the blood circulates faster, the hands get warmer and it appears – a smile on my face. And then the man no longer yells at other road users or at her husband.

Interestingly, it turns out that moderate daily practice brings more positive results than exercising once a week for a longer time.

So start with small steps. Literally a few minutes, a few greetings of the sun make a big difference! And maybe the sequence will get a little longer over time? I managed to reach 30 minutes each morning. Of course, I don’t treat it like a drill with an alarm clock in my hand.

When my car broke down and I had to go to work with my husband and he stood over me and stamped his foot “faster faster”, the sequence was compressed to a few minutes. But there was, there was this moment, there was this moment that I devoted to myself, for a good morning, just for a smile for myself.

Of course, I try to apply this principle the other way around. If I have more time and I feel good, I extend my practice to 40 or 60 minutes.

I also understand that not all of us are able to spend these few minutes in the morning. For some, waking up and sending everyone to school, work is a real marathon. So I realize that such 5 minutes may seem impossible then.

Of course, you can always set the alarm clock a moment earlier … If you just thought about shivers on your back, do not do it yourself. For what? Why do something for yourself that does not give us satisfaction and joy, but only constitutes a nasty duty?

Remember, we implement the “I want” plan, not the “I need” plan

Maybe in this case you will find some time in the evening? Just before going to bed? Asanas among the whole range of their, let’s call it uses, have calming and calming properties.

Regular yoga and pranayama practice helps in dealing with sleep disorders. Of course, before sleep I would not recommend an energetic, dynamic practice (backward bends, dynamic jumps, etc.), but calmer, focused more on long breathing.

Similarly to the morning, it is recommended to make moon greetings in the evenings. So don’t worry, you don’t have to leave your bed to greet the sun, you might as well greet the moon in the evening.

What if neither morning nor evening come into play? Well, we keep looking! Maybe you have a moment before the children return from school? Of course, you need to put water on the pasta, but look, the pasta is boiled 8-10 minutes. How much time is it Why not sacrifice him?

How’s it going? Well, next time I recommend a larger pot. It is difficult to exercise, calm down and focus on yourself when we try to do several things at once. But I mean the approach to the matter.

Try to look for solutions, not problems, for this new year . Believe me, the hardest step is the first one. If you have it behind you is already a lot.

If you are already a yoga practitioner to a greater or lesser extent, then this daily practice can be wonderfully used to practice a given asana or to strengthen or stretch a given part of the body. Due to the fact that I am quite flexible, I have no strength for standard sun greetings, I added a lot of strengthening practices.

After a while, a brick for a brick, I felt that my stomach and back muscles hold me upright better and allow me to do more. It would be good, however, to exercise the body in different directions.

Continuous repetition of the same can lead to excessive overload of one muscle group at the cost of excessive weakening and stretching of the other. That is why it is worth experimenting, having fun and drawing as much as possible from various sources to finally find something that will be ours. So mine, mine, sweetest.

So to sum up, if you only want to celebrate this year 2020. That this is the beginning of your path to well-being and being happy. I know that the beginning will be difficult, because there is always something, but remember that the effort will come back.

There will be better and worse days, I have them too, we all have! But persistence gives more satisfaction than the goal itself. Yoga gives us the tools to enter and remain on this path.


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